Inspirational Pergola Planting!

July 31st 2014

INSPIRATIONAL PERGOLA PLANTING Recently I went on a fantastic garden tour of two very contrasting famous gardens in Kent and it made me think of two very different planting approaches for your pergola and its surrounding areas. The first garden [...] (read more)

Pergola Planting - Grow Your Own

March 31st 2014

There is something very pleasing about the idea of strolling around under your pergola, glass in hand, plucking vegetables at eye level! However, in order to reach this pleasurable experience and achieve your goal, a fair bit of groundwork needs to be [...] (read more)

Plant a scented winter flowering clematis for your pergola!

January 29th 2014

  Now's the time to plant a scented winter flowering clematis or rose for your pergola! Scented winter clematis flower at a time of the year when we need them most to raise our spirits from the gloom of dull wet weather! Although their flowers [...] (read more)