Perfect Pergolas Light's up your Garden

November 29th 2013

Here at Perfect Pergolas we have just the products to turn your garden into an Aladdin's Cave of light! Perfect Pergolas has bought out a range of beautiful garden accessories to complement the #pergola experience. As well as 'mood setting' solar [...] (read more)

Perfect Pergolas - Bringing the outdoors inside

November 27th 2013

  Gardens have rapidly become the new 'Home Improvement' area, and here at  +Perfect Pergolas we offer customers the opportunity to buy and build their own pergola direct at Not only does a pergola offer an instant [...] (read more)

Perfect Pergolas - Check Your Climbers

November 12th 2013

CHECK YOUR CLIMBERS   A bit of housekeeping over the autumn will ensure the climbing plants on your pergola will look great again next year. Now is the time to tie in new shoots with garden twine to the supports so they do not get blown about [...] (read more)