Want to put your family first? Get a pergola!

August 30th 2013

I’m always reading in the papers ‘the family that plays/eats/laughs together, stays together.’ Easier said than done in our ridiculously hectic modern lives, where the family home often feels like a whirlwind of humanity. The reality of modern living is [...] (read more)

Moonlight Gardens

August 16th 2013

There’s something magical about gardens that come to life after dark, but you don’t need to be a wizard to create one! Moonlight gardens are easily made, using plants which release their fragrance when the sun goes down, or with white or pale-coloured [...] (read more)

Press release, August 2013

August 8th 2013

What's the Difference Between a Pergola, an Arbour, and a Gazebo? Perfect Pergolas MD Adrian Valentine explains the difference between these different outdoor structures, to try to dispel confusion around the subject. Please click on the link below to [...] (read more)