Cold-weather al fresco cooking

March 26th 2013

OK, so when the UK’s battling with a late cold snap and half of the country is snowed in, barbecuing is probably the last thing on your mind. I’m not suggesting you battle the elements and fire up the barby right now, but when the worst of the weather has [...] (read more)

Edible Hanging Baskets

March 15th 2013

Hi Everyone, Something different for this spring - Plant edible hanging baskets for your pergola! Great accompaniment for your '5-in-1' BBQ Cook-Out System - see our Accessories' page for further details. Hanging baskets make great use of space [...] (read more)

Pergola Planting: Annual Climbers in Pots

March 8th 2013

I’m the first to admit that when I think of lushly planted pergolas, it normally involves the big-hitting perennial climbers like clematis, vines and honeysuckle. With initial care and attention and a bit of yearly maintenance, they’ll reward you year [...] (read more)