Barnsley Village Festival 2013

February 26th 2013

We are proud to annouce that Perfect Pergolasis one of the main sponsors at this year's Barnsley Village Festival. It is the Festival's 25th Anniversary celebrating the life and times of one of Barnsley's most famous residents: the well known and [...] (read more)

Cotswold Gardening School

February 25th 2013

We are extremely pleased to annouce our tie-up with the fantastic Cotswold Gardening School. The Cotswold Gardening School is located in Gloucestershire within the grounds of historic Gossington Hall, and offers a great variety of gardening and garden [...] (read more)

Tripod BBQ Cook-Out System

February 7th 2013

STYLISH OUTDOOR COOKING - Introducing our fantastic ‘5-in-1' Cowboy Cook-Out System’ for a real “HOME ON THE RANGE” Good ‘Ol boy American outdoor grilling experience. Discover the joy of cooking outdoors over an open fire, with our complete cooking [...] (read more)